MoveCalc Virtual Survey Technology

Bekins Northwest now offers virtual estimates, utilizing  exclusive MoveCalc technology.  Simply use your smartphone to video each room and MoveCalc, using artificial intelligence, will create a highly detailed, accurate inventory to develop your quote. No in-home visits from a Moving Consultant required!

Follow simple instructions to complete the survey. You can do a self- survey or work with one of our team members to walk you through the process.

Once the survey is complete, your Moving Consultant will meet with you virtually to discuss your service needs and provide you your quote! And it is totally free!

Safe • Simple • Accurate • Fast • Complete your survey on your own schedule!

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Virtual move surveys use artificial intelligence to scan the rooms in your home with your smartphone camera and generate a moving quote. The technology creates an estimate by making a detailed inventory of the scanned items in each room. 

Movers should implement virtual surveys to save time and resources and more efficiently offer estimates without requiring an in-home visit from a moving consultant. 

A moving estimate works by factoring in the number of items you have, the type of items, and the number of workers and time needed to effectively complete a move. From these elements, a price can be quoted for a moving company’s services.