Relocating a business can be a daunting task. Moving furniture, equipment, and documents are not only time-consuming, but it can also be risky if not handled correctly. That is why many businesses opt to hire a professional business moving company to help them with their relocation needs. A business Tacoma moving company provides a range of services specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Therefore, if you are searching for some professional business moving services for relocating to Tacoma, then Bekins Northwest can be your best choice for a smooth and safe transition.

Importance of Business Moving Services

Planning and executing a business move, all by yourself is not an easy task and seems impractical in most cases. Here are a few areas in which business moving companies can help you.

  • Project management – One of the primary services offered by business moving companies is project management. A business moving company will work with you to create a customized moving plan that fits your business’s unique needs. They will assign a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entire moving process, ensuring that everything is executed efficiently and on time. The project manager will coordinate with your team to ensure that your business’s operations are not disrupted during the move.
  • Packing/Labeling – Another crucial service offered by business moving companies is packing and labeling. The moving company’s team of experts will help you pack all your office furniture, equipment, and documents safely and efficiently. They will use high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy boxes to protect your items. They will also label everything appropriately to ensure that nothing gets lost or misplaced during transportation.
  • Transportation – This is another crucial service offered by business moving companies. They will transport your office furniture, equipment, and documents to your new location safely and securely. They have a fleet of trucks of different sizes to accommodate various moving needs. They will also provide insurance coverage for your items during transportation, giving you peace of mind.
  • Unpacking/Storage – In addition to the primary services mentioned above, business moving companies offer a range of other services to make the moving process even more convenient. For example, they offer unpacking services, where they will help you unpack your office furniture, equipment, and documents and set them up in your new location. They also offer storage solutions for businesses that need to store their items temporarily before moving them to their new location.
  • Specialized Services – Business moving companies also offer specialized services for specific industries such as medical and laboratory equipment moving, server and data center moving, and library and archive moving. These specialized services require unique expertise and experience, which a business moving company can provide.

What Does Bekins Northwest Offer?

Bekins Northwest is an IOMI-certified office mover. We have more than 100 years of experience in the moving industry. We have offered our service to Washington’s largest employers, including the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, University of Washington, Providence, Burke Museum, and the State of Washington. During a business move, it’s critical to have comprehensive planning and ongoing communication. Therefore, we employ our own expert staff for all your projects. The various moving services that we offer to different industries include the following.

Offices – We help you with intra-office transitions, partitions, warehousing, decommissioning of offices, and more.

Hospitality/Hotel & Restaurant – For the hotel industry, we offer moving services like warehousing, delivery, and installation of furniture, mattresses, food items, and various other products.

Medical Industry – Our services for the healthcare industry include moving laboratory equipment, outpatient facilities, inter-departmental transfer, research facilities, rigging, product storage and distribution, and decommissioning.

School & University – For the learning industry, we provide moving classrooms, housing, research facilities, product and equipment, installation, storage, food service, and more.

Production/Facility Relocation – In this industry, we deal with automotive, manufacturing, heavy equipment, rigging, and various other moving services.

Computer/Electronics – This is an area that requires intense care and attention as we deal with valuable items that may get damaged in case of slight negligence.

Warehousing Services – This includes receiving and inspection, packaging, custom crating and containerization, inventory and documentation, insurance, long or short-term storage, supply chain management, and mitigating risks and expenditures.

Government and Military – Here, office moving is done by IOMI-certified crews along with other services like deployment and housing facilities.

Business moving companies offer a range of services to help businesses with their relocation needs. From project management and packing to transportation and unpacking, they provide a comprehensive solution to make the moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Their expertise and experience ensure that your office furniture, equipment, and documents are handled safely and securely, giving you peace of mind during this significant business event. Bekins Northwest is one of the most experienced Tacoma commercial movers in the industry you can rely on. If you are planning to move your business to Tacoma in the future, our experts will help you from the planning stage to ensure that you get settled in the new location safely.