Are you considering a move to the Pacific Northwest and wondering where to call home? Look no further than Olympia, Washington! As a top-rated moving company in Olympia, Bekins Northwest has helped countless families and businesses relocate to Olympia over the years, and we’re confident that you’ll love living here as much as we do.

About Olympia, WA

Olympia, which is situated near the southern end of Puget Sound, is a lovely location to call home. Olympia has a unique mix of natural beauty, rich history, a thriving arts scene, opportunities for outdoor recreation, and a strong sense of community. It’s easy to see why so many people choose to move here. Also, it’s the ideal spot to establish a business or raise a family because of its robust economy and top-notch schools. Whether you’ve lived there for a while or are thinking about relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Olympia has something to offer everyone.

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Olympia, WA

In this blog article, we’ll examine more closely the top five justifications for why Olympia is the finest location to live. We’ll talk about the city’s breathtaking natural surroundings, thriving arts scene, a strong sense of community, and top-notch schools. Therefore, if you’re considering relocating to Olympia, keep reading to find out why it’s one of the greatest areas in the Pacific Northwest to do it.

  1. Stunning Nature

Olympia has hidden away near the southern end of Puget Sound and surrounded by amazing scenery. There are many outdoor attractions to take in, from the beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains to the gorgeous seas of Budd Inlet. Olympia is a great place for people who love the outdoors because it has miles of hiking and biking trails, parks, and beaches.

  1. Historic Background

Olympia is rich in both history and culture. Several Native American tribes lived there for thousands of years before being established by Europeans in the middle of the eighteenth century. Olympia is a dynamic city today with a diverse blend of history, culture, and contemporary facilities. You may learn about the history of the city by visiting either the State Capitol Museum or the Washington State History Museum.

  1. Vibrant Arts Scene

Olympia is known for its thriving arts community. From live music and theater to galleries and public art installations, there’s always something to see and do. The Olympia Film Society hosts regular screenings of independent and classic films, and the Washington Center for the Performing Arts brings top-tier entertainment to the area.

  1. Strong Economy

Olympia has a diverse and thriving economy. The state government is one of the largest employers in the area, and there are also many opportunities in healthcare, education, and technology. With its location near major ports and transportation hubs, Olympia is also a hub for trade and commerce.

  1. Great Schools

Families with children will appreciate Olympia’s excellent schools. The Olympia School District is highly regarded, and there are also several private and charter schools in the area. Olympia is also home to The Evergreen State College, a progressive liberal arts college known for its innovative programs.

  1. Outdoor Recreation

With its mild climate and stunning natural surroundings, Olympia is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From kayaking and paddleboarding to fishing and sailing, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. The city also has several golf courses, parks, and public pools.

  1. Community Spirit

Olympia is known for its strong sense of community. From the annual Procession of the Species to the Capital City Pride Festival, there are many events and festivals that bring people together. The city is also home to many active civic organizations and volunteer groups.

  1. Sustainability

With a strong dedication to lowering its carbon footprint and safeguarding the environment, Olympia is a pioneer in sustainability efforts. Many green efforts have been put in place by the city, including recycling programs, community gardens, and bike-friendly infrastructure. Also, Olympia has a thriving local food scene with farmers’ markets and community-supported agriculture initiatives that help local farmers and give locals access to wholesome, fresh food.

  1. Variety of Culture

Olympia is a warm, friendly city that encourages cultural understanding and celebrates variety. The Olympia Film Festival, the March of the Species, and the Olympia Arts Walk are just a few of the cultural festivals and events that the city offers all year long. People from many backgrounds and walks of life dwell in the city, which also has a diversified resident population.

  1. Seattle & Portland are Nearby

Olympia is ideally situated between Seattle and Portland, two large cities, and has a lot to offer on its own. Both cities are less than two hours away by car, which makes it easy to go for a day trip or weekend getaway. This proximity also means that Olympia residents have access to a wide variety of job opportunities, cultural events, and recreational activities in these larger cities while still being able to experience the small-town ambiance and natural beauty of Olympia.

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