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Ridin’ the Rails

Need a summer activity in Washington? Vance Creek Rail Riders is open for the season and it is absolutely an experience you want to try yourself. Pedaling a multi-seat “rail rider” is suitable for all ages and something you can enjoy with friends and family! Imagine this, you are seated comfortably in your adjusted quadricycle

K Diamond K Guest Ranch: Weekend Getaway

Have you always longed to be a cowboy, cowgirl or cowperson? Interested in an authentic ranch life experience? We have just the place for you.  Take a horseback ride into the hills, relax while looking over the beautiful Sanpoil valley or milk a cow! This memorable experience will be one to talk about for years.

Local Attractions: The Tree of Life

“Just go to the end of the parking lot, go down the stairs and take a left,” my friend told me. That’s all the information he provided. As a local photographer, I was looking for an opportunity to take some dramatic photos of the Washington Coast and Pacific ocean.  I had asked several of my

Local Attractions: Spokane’s Bruttles Candy Shoppe

Spokane is an area rich in history. Many buildings have been lovingly restored, but only a few of the early businesses remain.  Next time you are downtown near the Spokane Falls Park, you will pass by one storefront that you shouldn’t miss. One historic company, Bruttles, is still selling candies and special treats just like

Local Attractions: Destiny Harbor Tours

Can’t you just smell the salty breeze and feel the warming rays of the sun as you daydream about a day on the water with Destiny Harbor Tours? Let Captain Tom (Drohan) and his staff do the work as you relax on one of his several boats on Puget Sound. Launching from Gig Harbor,

Great Restaurants: Walla Walla Steak Company

Walla Walla is known for its rich agricultural heritage. These days, in addition to wheat and other traditional crops, wine grapes have taken center stage. Each weekend, you will find people from throughout the state flocking to Walla Walla for the well-known wine tours of the more than 50 wineries located in the area.

Interesting Washingtonians: The Bug Chef!

Okay, yuck. The idea of eating bugs is incredibly weird and downright repulsive to many Americans. But David George Gordon, the Bug Chef, shares a surprising fact, “Over 80% of the cultures in the world regularly eat bugs. They’re a great source of protein. We, in the US are actually the minority as a


Weekend Getaway: Cape Flattery It’s on everyone’s bucket list. At least it should be. If you make the extra effort to travel to the Cape Flattery trail and viewpoint, you can proudly say that you were on the most northwesterly tip of the contiguous lower 48 states. It’s a view that you won’t

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