There’s nothing better than celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones, no matter what that might mean for you and yours. This time of year, it’s more important than ever to give thanks for those in your life and what you’ve done over the past year, and we’d like to pass that gratitude over to our customers, partners, and employees for making this year at Bekins Northwest Moving & Storage better than ever. Happy holidays from our family to you and yours!

A Year in Reflection

This time of year means taking the time to reflect on where we’ve been not only in 2022, but in the past 115 years we’ve been in business, and what that means for our future. Since our founding in 1937, we’re proud to have consistently been the best Washington moving company that provides the best possible residential and commercial moving and storage services possible.

As a family-owned business ourselves, we know just how complicated it can be to coordinate any type of local move, never mind a long-distance moving experience or international moving experience for a family or a business.

After having spent so much time in the business, we’ve worked tirelessly to give you a moving experience that’s as unique to you as possible. Our customized approach to moving is centered around this fact, and our attention to detail, quality of service, and expert customer-centered approach to moving sets us apart from other companies like us. In the coming year, we hope to provide even more quality services that truly build a partnership between ourselves and all of our customers.

In 2023, we hope to bring our clients services throughout our existing service areas of Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, Federal Way, Olympia, Spokane, and more and seek to only continue to grow with our services and our clients.

Looking to bring Bekins Northwest Moving & Storage on your journey in 2023? See what our amazing expert staff can do for you and your move today to create the best experience for you, your family, or your business in the coming year.