Moving into a new workspace or office is a huge step forward for your office or business, no matter how big or small your current operation happens to be. During this exciting time, it’s understandable to be a bit overwhelmed, or to feel like you’re not sure where to start to get your office moving process started.

Between finding the right office movers in Washington for your relocation, preparing your employees, and coming up with the right strategy to best relocate your office and those in it, it can be very tough to coordinate everything – and even undoable if trying to tackle the process completely on your own. Don’t worry, though – regardless of how complicated the process might seem to be, with the right movers on your side, you’ll have a smooth, straightforward, and stress-free moving process that will let both you and your employees have an easy move without sacrificing productivity.

Will Moving Hurt My Business?

As an office coordinator or business owner, you’re probably wondering not only how to move your office and the items in it successfully, but also how to move your employees if needed and how to keep your business running as smoothly as possible during all of the upheavals a move tends to come with. However, with our top tips and the right pointers, you’ll be able to tackle it all with ease and keep your business at its best.

If you’re pondering a move but are concerned about losing business despite your office or business only growing thus far, that’s of course a valid concern. However, as long as you do the right research about your location and have a plan to keep your employees on track and productive during your relocation, your office or business will not suffer. If you’re not moving too far and your employees have the capabilities to do so, you can also always offer the opportunity to have them work from home while your office is in flux and doesn’t have the most productive or comfortable environment to work out of.

Moving can greatly improve the health of your business, and having the best strategy for your move will only enhance this. Continue reading for our best office relocation tips.

Office Relocation Tips

Before talking about the best ways to get ready for an office move, let’s talk about how important it is to choose the right moving and storage services in Washington for your relocation. Having the right company on your side can make all of the difference between having an affordable relocation that’s well-planned, thought-out, and carried out. So how do you find the right office movers?

The first thing you’ll want to do when looking for the right office moving company for you and your business is to look for companies only that have specific experience in the office or commercial moving. Having a company that has a lot of experience in office moves and that can help plan and anticipate anything that comes with your move will be hugely helpful in the short and long term.

While performing your research, you should also ask around family, friends, or business partners who have used movers for similar relocations in the past. See what their experiences were, and what their experiences were with their specific moving companies. If they’ve had particularly good experiences with certain companies, look them up and see what they might be able to do for you.

In addition to word-of-mouth recommendations, you might be able to receive, and research possible companies on third-party review sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau to get an unfiltered look at the customer service experiences others might have gotten from your shortlist of movers. After narrowing down companies, look up their licensing and accreditations to make sure that they’re legitimate businesses.

After narrowing down even further, shop for multiple quotes from these professional movers in Washington to get the best prices for your services. Research and book your movers as early as you can to get your process underway with a reasonable timeline.

Business Moving Tips

Planning an office move involves a lot of planning and meticulous attention to detail to get your business ready for moving day. Make your experience straightforward and smooth with the following tips for office moving:

    1. Start Early

As we’ve mentioned before, planning your move and locking down your movers as early as possible will make a huge difference in your move’s success.

After booking your movers, make a plan and packing schedule in collaboration with your project manager to create a realistic and doable timeline.

    1. Hire a Project Manager

As we just mentioned, you should always collaborate with a project manager for a move of this scale or size. Your manager will dedicate their time to organizing, coordinating, and managing every part of your packing and moving process so that you can focus on your business operations.

    1. Practice Open Communication

One of the worst things you can do during a move is to keep your employees in the dark. Instead, communicate your vision and every step of the moving process to your team, and get them (voluntarily) involved in the process so that they can be confident in your and their position.

    1. Prepare Tech

Always communicate with your IT specialists or department well in advance about your move and what it might entail so that they can prepare your equipment and tech accordingly. Back up your data and take extra care to transport technology safely and properly while moving.

    1. Declutter Your Office

Ideally, this would be done early in the moving process, but you might find yourself performing steps throughout your packing process instead. Do a deep clean of your office and determine what you might want to keep with you and what you want to throw out, donate, or leave behind during your relocation. From furniture to documents to random items, don’t bring anything you don’t need or use.

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