There’s no question that moving anywhere by yourself, especially when you’ve never done so before, is intimidating and oftentimes emotional. This can also be exacerbated when moving to an entirely new city by yourself, especially one that’s far away.

When undergoing this big of a change by yourself, it’s easy to feel anxious, apprehensive, anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed – it would probably be weird if you didn’t! No matter the size or type of city you’re moving to, however, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things, greet new opportunities, and meet new people.

When moving to a new city alone, however, you need to know what you’re getting into and have the right amount of planning on your side to ensure that you’re going about your process correctly and that you’ve chosen the right place to settle into. So how do you move to a new city by yourself? We’ve got some top tips to keep your head on your shoulders and your items delivered safely below.

How to Find the Right Moving Company

First thing first- no matter what kind of move or moving process you’re about to undergo, you need to have the right moving company on your side for a relocation like this. After all, it’s nearly undoable to move by yourself as is, never mind when it comes to moving long-distance or to a whole new place on your own.

Finding the best professional moving company is the key to ensuring the safe and efficient arrival of your items, and saving you the most money possible on your move, and receiving the best service. So how do you look for the right movers? If you’re looking for Washington state movers, Bekins Northwest Moving & Storage is your answer for affordable moving and storage services with the best customer service. However, regardless of where you’re located, you should look for the following:

  • Good Third-Party Reviews: Always check sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau to make sure that past customers have all had good experiences with your potential company, and that this company has conducted a variety of successful moves. Don’t just go off of reviews posted on company sites – these can be easily moderated.
  • Shop Around: You should always shop around for multiple quotes from different companies to ensure that you’re not only getting the most complete services that you require but the best service and pricing as well.
  • Check Licensing: Always check a company’s licensing, accreditations, and insurance to ensure they’re not only a legitimate company but that they have all official items in an order.

Now that you know what to look for from your potential moving company, it’s time to determine how to settle into your new city and make your relocation to a new area successful.

What to Move to a New City Alone

When moving to a new city by yourself, it’s important to adapt to your new area and make new connections without cutting off or losing contact with your previous area, or those in it. The following are our best tips to keep your relocation smooth.

  • Keep in Contact with Loved Ones

Whether friends or family, staying in contact with those close to you is key for making yourself feel a lot less stressed or lonely while you settle into your new routine. After all, moving to a new city alone means spending some time by yourself while you adapt and meet new people. Keeping in regular contact with those in your past home will make things a lot easier and give you the support you need to explore.

  • Settle into Your New Home

An important part of getting used to your new city is creating a space that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and at home. Decorate your new place with items from home that make you happy, or design your space all anew to give yourself a haven that you love and look forward to returning to.

  • Explore!

It might seem intimidating at first, but don’t miss out on getting out and exploring your new city – especially if the weather is nice. As you get more familiar with the area, you’ll feel more comfortable and at home – not to mention, you’ll find some great coffee or take-out spots!

  • Meet New People

Though this is of course easier said than done, making new connections in this city is important to allow yourself to be comfortable and have companions in your new home. Try to meet new people with similar interests by joining or volunteering at a community organization, talking to new work colleagues or classmates at school, and inviting people to hang out or try to get to know them better. You’ll be glad you did!

Looking for the best moving company in Washington to take on your move to a new city? See what Bekins Northwest’s moving and storage services can do for your big move. We’ll give you the best pricing and service, and will allow you to have the smoothest and safest relocation possible. Contact us today!