Looking to relocate to the Pacific Northwest? Curious about what might be the best location in this area for your next move? Discover the possibilities of Tacoma, Washington. Sitting along Puget Sound, this city is about 30 miles northeast of Seattle and has a population of around 220,000. As the third-largest city in Washington state, Tacoma draws in plenty of residents with its many appealing charms. Curious about what the town has to offer and the many perks of living here? Keep reading to discover more!

  1. Affordable Option in The Pacific Northwest

Compared to the rest of the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma is considerably more affordable, which is a major perk of relocating here. This region of the United States is notorious for being an expensive place to live, and it can prevent a lot of prospective Washington residents from successfully moving to this area. Despite the fact that the cost of living in Tacoma is around 11% higher than the United States average, it’s important to note that the cost in Seattle is a whopping 57% more expensive than the national average — making Tacoma stand out greatly in comparison to other cities in the PNW. Plus, an added bonus: Washington doesn’t have a state income tax!

  1. Booming Economy

Although we previously mentioned that this area of the United States can be a lot more expensive, one of the best perks of Tacoma is that it has a booming economy, effectively offsetting a lot of these financial woes. The job market in this area is strong and healthy, which can be especially helpful if you’re looking to score a job in the area. First, one of the great aspects of living here is that it sits on the water, where the Port of Tacoma creates many career opportunities. The Port’s marine cargo and real estate industries thoroughly boost the area’s economy. Additionally, you will find that major employers in the area include St. Joseph Medical Center and the University of Puget Sound, among others.

  1. Strong Arts Presence

If you enjoy the arts, Tacoma is the place for you. A unique part of the art scene in this art is glass blowing, mostly thanks to world-famous artist Dale Chihuly, who is a Tacoma native. Many of his stunning artworks can be found in the downtown area. Another excellent aspect of this city is the presence of performing arts, which you can enjoy in the Theater District — including Pantages Theater, Rialto Theater, and Theater on the Square. You can even enjoy the symphony or the opera. The options are endless in Tacoma!

  1. Gorgeous Scenery to Explore

An element of the Pacific Northwest as a whole, as well as Tacoma specifically, is the incredible scenery of the area. The beauty of nature in this part of the country is absolutely breathtaking, and luckily, Tacoma has plenty of attractions to offer in the great outdoors. One amazing place to discover in this area where you can thoroughly enjoy nature is Point Defiance Park. This beautiful 760-acre park is also home to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, a great place for the entire family to visit. There is no shortage of parks and trails in the Tacoma area to explore, whether you want to bike, hike, kayak, or camp.

  1. Attractions for the Entire Family

If you’re looking for a place to live where your whole family can enjoy the attractions, you can count on Tacoma for what you want. Children have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in this incredible city with a large abundance of museums at your disposal. You have your pick of museums, from Washington State History Museum to the Children’s Museum of Tacoma to the Museum of Glass. With so much to do, members of the family of all ages can thoroughly enjoy this town!

  1. Excellent Sense of Community

When you move somewhere new, you undoubtedly want to feel like you are a part of the local community, welcomed by your neighbors and integrated into the fabric of the community. In Tacoma, this goal can easily become a reality. The locals here are proud of this area, and they’re always ready to greet newcomers. This is a great thing to know ahead of moving to the area, and it’s definitely an aspect to look forward to.

  1. Food and Coffee Galore

Finally, you can anticipate delicious cuisine and an incredible cup of coffee when you’re in Tacoma. With so much variety, your palate will never tire of all the incredible restaurants in the area — endless options for you to explore. From Italian to American, Mexican to Chinese, there are so many dishes to try. Plus, this area is known for its excellent coffee, and you can even see a 25-foot-tall coffee pot here! There are countless worthy options to get your morning cup of joe; your only issue may be choosing which spot is your favorite.

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