Though it might not be the might of moving season, moving during the winter could be an easier and cost-effective solution for you and your household.

Whether you’re moving in the winter as a necessity or are trying to pick a season that will work best for you ahead of time, planning for a winter move is essential to keeping your move as efficient and safe as possible, no matter what your move entails or what weather you might encounter along the way. So, what should you expect from a winter move? Let’s get into what to take into account during winter moving and how to properly prepare yourself and your household for this transition.

How to Find the Right Moving Company for Winter

Whether moving locally or long-distance, finding the right winter moving company and planning your move correctly is what will make a massive difference in the success of your move and your items’ overall safety and security.

When planning your move, there’s one thing that should always come first before you even start your packing or planning process, and that’s finding the right professional movers for your relocation. After all, finding the right moving company will save you money, time, and stress, and will get your items to you easily. This matters even more during the winter, when having experienced movers who know how to keep your items safe from damage or the elements is key to getting them to you safely. Having an experienced driver in charge of getting your items to you safely during winter conditions is also integral to the success of your move.

Looking for the right moving company can be a confusing process all on its own, so knowing what to look for in movers will help you narrow down the pack. Searching for movers entails looking for a company with experience not just in the relocation industry but in the specific kind of move you’re looking to embark on, including specialty services you might need.

You should only consider moving companies that have many good reviews across third-party sites like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, or Google Reviews, as these sites’ reviews cannot be moderated or filtered to only show favorable results. Once you’ve narrowed down your results to those who have many instances of successful moves with happy customers, then always shop around and get multiple quotes from these companies. This way, you can get the right moving package for you at the right price, and can properly assess your potential company’s level of customer service.

How to Plan a Winter Move

Locking down the right moving company for your relocation will also allow you to have a set moving date and will let you properly plan your packing process. Having a set schedule and strategy for packing will not only get all of your things in order and organized, but will also save you a huge amount of stress. After all, when you pack gradually and take things a little at a time, you can save yourself a lot of chaos and hardship from rushing around to get everything together at the last minute.

For winter moving in particular, planning is everything. So, what do you to prepare for the moving process itself when moving in winter? The following are some of our best tips to prepare for this off-season relocation.

    1. Have a Backup Plan

Despite being a super convenient time to move for many due to increased flexibility and lower prices, in many areas moving in the winter also equals having to prepare for possible snow or inclement weather.

Have a plan in case of snow, poor weather, or especially low temperatures on your moving day. Have a strategy to either continue to move safely during these conditions or have a backup day scheduled and factored into your moving plan just in case.

    1. Stay Warm

This might go without saying, but if it doesn’t feel too cold out after having moved some items already, you might be tempted to shed outer layers or coats in favor of either being able to move around faster without them, or from your body feeling warmer after activity. It’s important to resist these urges, however, to keep yourself properly covered and protected from the elements. Better to feel a little warmer than to end up with a cold.

    1. Be Prepared for Anything

As we said, winter moving can be a little unpredictable, especially if you’re dealing with inclement weather during your process. Have a first aid kit, ice scrapers, and a snow shovel ready to go just in case for moving day. You never know what can happen, whether it’s a surprise snowstorm, ice, or even just somebody slipping and falling, so make sure to have everything you might need on hand.

    1. Pay Extra Attention to Delicate Items

Ensure delicate items are shielded from the cold and aren’t at risk of freezing inside an unheated moving truck. If anything is temperature-sensitive, move it separately or keep it with you.

    1. Take it Slow

When it comes to icy or slushy weather in particular, don’t rush or put yourself at risk for injury. Cover or protect your floors (for your safety and to keep them in good condition), and prepare for people moving in and around your old and new home with wet or dirty shoes. Keep in mind risk factors like ice, snow, etc. Move with safety in mind, rather than just going as fast as possible and getting hurt in the process.

    1. Plan Ahead

Make sure your new home has power on and that your heat is fully working and on before you arrive. Drive over beforehand if you can to assess your home and make sure everything is in order before you show up with your moving truck or company. If moving into an apartment complex, give your property manager notice as to when you’ll move in, and make sure they have rugs or floor protectors down to lower the risk of slipping or injury. Have a first aid kit at the ready and bring backup ice scrapers or other cold weather supplies just in case.

Now that you’ve got the tools to keep you organized and safe during your winter move, you can get your items ready and begin your packing process. Looking for the right winter movers still? See what Bekins Northwest Moving & Storage can do for you and your household or business when you contact us today. As a moving company in Washington with decades of experience in the industry and the expertise to deal with winter moving easily, we’ll have your back for anything you need. Find the best Washington movers for you when you work with us today!